Vuzix Launches VIP Program for M300 Smart Glasses

    Vuzix Corporation, the company behind smart glasses such as the M300 – recently showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2016 – has announced the ‘Vuzix Industrial Partner’ (VIP) Program.

    Aimed at providing enhanced support for key software application partners, the program is an invitation only opportunity for a limited number of Vuzix’ most successful M100 software application developers. These companies were hand selected and invited to participate due to their demonstrated excellence in developing and deploying applications.

    “By increasing Vuzix’ support of our VIP Partners we significantly improve the application software ecosystem across a wide range of industrial use cases for Vuzix smart glasses.  End users benefit from mature applications available the same day the M300 products are released, and beyond that, our users can rely on the VIP Partners for experienced change management and project implementation, feature rich applications bespoke to their industry, and the stability of a long term software partner capable of concurrently supporting multiple Vuzix products on a single platform,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix.

    “Those joining our VIP Program have consistently demonstrated commitment to improved performance through wearable display technology.  These are the companies that will help us drive large increases in industrial deployments in 2016, 2017, and beyond. Through the VIP program, we are delighted to provide best-in-class support to these great partners and to play a vital role in the solutions they bring to their customers.”

    The M300 smart glasses features an nHD color display, 24 bit colour, WiFi, Bluetooth Intel Atom CPU, 2GB system RAM, 64GB internal flash memory and runs on Android 6.0. The front facing camera can record 1080p video and capture 13 megapixels stills. While power is supplied either by a 100mha internal battery or there will be options for external battery packs up to 5000mha, giving 2 – 12 hours of operation depending on the option.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Vuzix, reporting back with further announcements.

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