VRX 2015: ‘The Fantastic Reality Of Virtual Play’ Liveblog

    We continue our liveblog coverage of the inaugural VRX 2015 virtual reality (VR) event in San Fransciso. We’re most of the way through the first day but there are a handful of talks still remaining. Leading the way on this session in Richard Marks, Director of the PlayStation Magic Lab.

    “Play in VR is a fantastic experience, whether it be flying a spaceship in a dogfight, leaning out a car door in a high-speed shootout, rotating abstract blocks thru a neon tunnel, or leading a giant mech into multiplayer combat. The variety and intensity of play possibilities for VR is immensely compelling, and high quality consumer VR is about to become a reality. Richard Marks will share why game consoles offer many advantages for developing and experiencing this fantastic new way to play.”

    You can follow the liveblog below:


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