VRTV #8: Imagination Technologies, McDonald’s & Season Finale

    Last week there was an in-depth look into what would be featured during this episode, and now the latest and last episode of VRTV for this season is here. There is a round up of the latest news stories along with an interview with one of the top companies to develop graphics for mobile devices, and a road trip to check out how McDonald’s is using virtual realty (VR) to clear its name at farming shows.

    Alexandru Voica of Imagination Technologies shares the company’s plans to develop mobile VR with their product – PowerVR. As mobile VR is much less personalised than PC graphics, he explains how the mobile GPU has developed over time to become efficient, small, and powerful enough to ensure the best VR ability. There is also the possibility of the company forming their own mobile HMD discussed during the interview.

    VRTV then leaves the studio once again to visit the studio of make[REAL], the sister company of Tamekka Games who developed Radial-G, and to check out what they have developed for McDonald’s Follow Our Foodsteps roadshow. Zeena then takes a trip to the first show to take place in England at the Bath and West Show to see how the crowds are taking the Oculus Rift videogame and Samsung Gear VR films.

    There isn’t a competition for this week, but instead it is asked of the viewers to share their opinions and suggestions of what should become of the next season of VRTV. All comments are welcomed on the YouTube video link, in the comment section below this, or by tweeting Zeena.

    There are plans for another video series, but keep an eye out for a wrap-up of this last episode. Before then, check out VRTV below, and stay with VRFocus for the latest news and updates in VR.