VRTV #1: Pixel Ripped, Coatsink, Vive Price & More

    After two weeks’ wait following Episode 0, it is time for the first official episode of VRTV! Featured in this pilot of sorts is Pixel Ripped‘s Stef Keegan who will be talking about the videogame, how she got on board, and the 3D art, followed by Coatsink’s Daley Johnson to talk about Esper 2, as well as an exclusive sneak peak at a never seen before Esper 2 video featuring the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy’s Nick Frost.

    As for the winners of the Legendary Google Cardboard, you are: @cbixby and @rgslutsky. Congratulations! Make sure to check your Twitter DMs for us to get in contact. We have yet another prize to give away, courtesy of AMD, which is an HP Envy 15 A10-8700P (720p, DC/DX, HDD) worth up to £499 GBP! We have made it too easy to try and win this prize – once again all you have to do is comment (something nice!) telling us you want to be entered either below, in the YouTube comments, or tweet @ZeenaVRFocus, and the winner will be announced in two weeks on the next show.

    Details for the next episode, airing 3pm GMT 10th March, will be coming soon so make sure you check back with us at VRFocus for all the latest.


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