[VR180 5.7k] Vuze XR & Studio 3.2.6328 Stabilization Test by walking in 180° 3D mode

Simple stabilization test by walking while holding Vuze XR on handheld in 180° 3D mode aka VR180. Note: I am walking pretty fast as my wife and baby are waiting for me on the far end. LOL!

This video is stabilized and rendered with Vuze Studio 3.2.6328. Only shake stabilization is been used.

🌟Watch this on a VR Headset for an immersive experience!🌟

This video is taken at Curtain Of Roots which is part of Singapore Botanic Gardens (A UNESCO World Heritage Site)

🎥Recording Format:
VR180 5.7k 30fps, rendering at max resolution and auto-optimal bitrate with stabilization on.

Vuze.Camera XR which can shoot in either VR180 or 360°.

What is VR180? 🤔
VR180 is a new VR format which offers 3D video or photo in 180°. Watching this format on a VR headset that is as simple as Google Cardboard can offer this 3D immersive experience!

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