VR Tracking Company uSens Secures $20million Funding

    San Jose-based uSens, Inc. a software company developing, 26 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) hand and 6DOF head position tracking technologies for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, has announced the closure of a new funding round. Led by Fosun Kinzon Capital the Series A round managed to secure $20 million USD.

    Alongside Fosun Kinzon Capital additional participants included returning investor Maison Capital, new investors Great Capital, Fortune Capital, Oriental Fortune Capital, iResearch Capital, and Chord Capital. ARM Innovation Ecosystem Accelerator also participated in this round with their funding, service and resources.

    The new investment will allow uSens with its development and launch plans in 2016 for its hand-tracking/head-tracking system.

    “Tracking is critical to ARVR experiences,” said Anli He, CEO and co-founder of uSens in a statement. “As ARVR display technologies approach mass adoption, we’re excited to bring great interactive solutions to help ARVR platforms, hardware makers, and especially content developers overcome the complicated challenges of hand and position tracking. This funding round is further validation that we’re on the right path to bring compelling natural tracking technologies to augmented and virtual reality.”

    “For ARVR to achieve its potential, natural head and hand tracking is required,” added Donghui Pan, chairman and president of Fosun Kinzon Capital. “It’s clear that ARVR is an explosive market. Already consumers want a more immersive experience, and hand controllers simply aren’t the solution. We’ve chosen to invest in uSens, because we’re confident the company has the deepest expertise and vision to provide this key that will help unlock mass-market ARVR adoption.”

    The Augmented World Expo (AWE) taking place this week, from 1st – 2nd June at the Santa Clara Convention Center, is being sponsored by uSens, and the company will be showcasing its tech. Dr. Yue Fei, CTO and co-founder of uSens will be hosting two sessions, one on each day.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of uSens, reporting back with any further progress announcements.

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