VR Island Quest

    Run through virtual reality (VR) obstacle courses on the island and in the clouds, solve mazes, climb a cow and fly on the back of a giant bird. Retrieve all the items on the island and return them to their owners.
    – Can be played without gamepad, controller, magnet or touch controls!
    – Intuitive VR head tracking controls for running, turning and jumping
    – 8 obstacle courses across the islands and in the clouds
    – 2 mazes
    – Auto-save whenever you make progress
    – Voice acting & an orchestral soundtrack

    The game requires no gamepad, magnet or touch controls. You can control your movement speed, turn and jump with just your head. This game is compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, DODOcase and Durovis Dive.

    The game will reset when you’ve finished it. For resetting mid-game, look all the way up for 5 seconds and a message will confirm this.