VISIO Turns Your Camera Lens Into a Photo Projector

If you want to show off your photos, nothing looks better than projecting them huge onto a wall. VISIO is a mobile photo-projector that works with your camera lenses to make a big statement.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, VISIO has already smashed through its $17,000 target with over 3 weeks still to go. But it’s no surprise, really. It looks totally awesome.

The device has two key components: the 35mm lens and the projector light. Between these two things are a series of different mounts, rings, and the unique slide holder ring. They all combine to create one complete unit.

“We aim to convey the pleasure of photo-projection to picture lovers,” say the French creators of VISIO. “This practice consists in combining a projected picture onto a support to allow the expression of an idea, a message, a representation.”

To use VISIO, just create slides of your digital photo files. This means that the resolution that pops out the other end is seriously good. Like 4K or 8K good.

Plug it in for unlimited power, or use the battery for 1500 lumens of light. You can mount any full-frame lens onto the device, using the right adaptor, which let’s you get really creative with how you use VISIO.

There are tons of fun possibilities, too. Want to make a big statement? Get creative and draw on your slides to fire your message into the world.

Here’s a video introducing the VISIO:

Get involved and support the project on Kickstarter to get hold of your own VISIO projector. A pledge of about $300 will get you a unit if the project successfully ships.

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