Virtuix Raises $5 Million in First 48 Hours of New Funding Scheme

    Earlier in the week VRFocus reported on the news that Virtuix, creator of the Virtuix Omni omnidirectional treadmill for virtual reality (VR) experiences, had launched a new ‘testing-the-waters’ investment stage. The new phase, started on SeedInvest, allows the general public to invest in the company under the new mini-IPO rules of Regulation A. Just days after it announced the news and Virtuix has a big milestone to share.

    The company raised from $5 million USD in its first 48 hours of this funding phase with the help of more than 750 people. The news comes after Virtuix began to ship the Omni last month. The device consists of a platform that users must wear special shoes to walk on with a bracket and harness keeping them in place as they put on a VR head-mounted display (HMD) and begin to walk around within VR environments. The concept faces competition from the likes of the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Infinadeck, the latter of which is on display at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week as is the Omni.

    “We are overwhelmed by the positive reactions to our testing-the-waters campaign,” says Jan Goetgeluk, Founder and CEO of Virtuix. “We continue to be humbled by the enthusiasm and support of our passionate community.”

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