Virtual tour photography with a 360 camera: DSLR vs Insta360 One X | Is it good enough? | Gaba_VR

Can we really use a consumer 360 camera for virtual tour photography, or should we pick up a DSLR instead? Check out my comparison and my tricks how to shoot virtual tours with a 360 camera, like Insta360 One X. And for further 360 contents and tutorials, subscribe to my channel:

As 360 cameras became more and more popular, a lot of people found the potential of creating virtual tours easily. But can we really use them for professional virtual tours? And if we do so, how can we get the best result?
In this video I show you the differences in quality and workflow, and of course, I give you some tips and tricks, how you can get the best result out of a consumer 360 camera, and I attempt to approach the quality of a DSLR photo.

0:58 – 360 camera basics
1:42 – The advantages of 360 cameras
2:35 – Aspects to consider in choosing camera
3:42 – Differences in shooting methods (360 vs DSLR)
5:16 – Differences in image quality (360 vs DSLR)
5:27 – How to get the best out of a consumer 360 camera
8:20 – The budget (best value for money)


Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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