Virtual Insanity Passes Steam Greenlight Campaign

    Don’t let the fact that this virtual reality (VR) videogame shares a name with a Jamiroquai song fool you, because Virtual Insanity VR is not a title to be taken lightly. The videogame was posted to the Steam Greenlight community in late May and it’s already passed its campaign.

    Virtual Insanity VR is a first person psychological horror videogame that’s been developed for the Oculus Rift headset. In the first person experience, players take up the role of a doctor, entering a nightmare where all sense of reality is lost, fighting zombies and solving puzzles in order to escape and return to reality. In an idea similar to the Silent Hill franchise, the videogame attempts to blur the line between whether it’s your character or the world around them that’s gone mad.  It looks like a genuinely frightening horror title with the trailer showing atmospheric environments, excellent use of sound, and good voice acting.

    The developer started work on the title in October of 2015. Virtual Insanity is their first full videogame and 3rd Unity project, and after 7 months working on the videogame alone in their spare time they’ve now decided to offer it to the Steam community free of charge, saying “Call it a gift to the VR community, if it wasn’t for the “Community” (Unity Tutorials, and forum help) I would have never been able to make this game. Thanks to everyone who supports me on this game, it was a long hard journey, but a huge learning experience. ”

    The developer  also says the Virtual Insanity VR was built from the ground up specifically for VR, so whilst there is a non-VR version available, there are parts of it that might not look quite right. Now that the title has passed its Steam Greenlight campaign, it will be coming to HTC Vive, though when exactly this will happen hasn’t been announced. The creator has also said that they’d love to hear player feedback as they plan to make a part 2 if they find enough people are interested.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Virtual Insanity VR and report new details as they’re revealed.