Virtual Helpers Will Make Life Easier

I would like to bring your attention to a technological first. MellaniuM design has combined three separate 3D software applications and technologies (i.e., rendering, texturing, and importing into a 3D engine) to produce virtual realistic 3D environments and artifacts which can be explored. This method has been used to date to produce a 3D museum environment for the display of architectural concepts and models. In addition an industrially engineered furnace for the refining of zinc has been reproduced in exact detail that can be entered and examined to grasp the design, installation, and maintenance concepts.

Applications extend to all areas of work, play, and education. Accuracy to detail and perspective produces an experience which leaves a ‘need more’ sensation to anyone who ventures within a virtual real world. Some people it has been rumored to have seen the ‘black monolith’. A sense of presence is apparent in the 3D environment and is achieved by extensive use of textures and sounds that are taken from the real world. It is predicted that the majority of the mundane tasks will be performed by virtual helpers inside the Virtual Real Worlds; leaving humans to do all the creative thinking.

This technology embraces all domains of life as we know it; virtual helpers will be provided with Artificial Intelligence specific to the users needs. Helpers will be behaviorally programmed together with having the physical realism of whomever we want. The uses of Virtual Real Worlds are endless; limited only by one’s imagination. The essential theme is that they shall be as real as possible.

No other company has offered 3D Virtual Reality on such an economical scale with the perspective and textual accuracy; this technology has momentous potential in the architectural, engineering, marketing, entertainment, and educational fields.

Source by Ken Rigby