Virtual Assistant – The Most Requested Services

The Virtual Assistant (VA) is not only a secretary that provides online services, but a professional prepared to provide a range of services essential for an entrepreneur or anyone who carries out activities on the Internet and want to increase and optimize their online presence.

Let’s see what are the services:

Creating and maintaining blogs

WordPress platform, without a doubt the most used, but I suggest you begin to learn other applications such as Joomla. The VA can provide services that include installation and configuration of a blog, the installation of any plug-ins (for backup, spam, the blog for socializing, etc..) And writing articles. And ‘required basic knowledge of HTML, for example, to modify and customize header, footer, etc.., And of course an excellent domain of WordPress (or other platform).

Creating and managing profiles on social networks

When we speak, we usually think of social networks Facebook and Twitter, sometimes neglecting other networks that have excellent potential in terms of professional networks like LinkedIn and Ning. This service provides for the creation of content that looks and highly professional profiles, in terms of management, and provides interaction with other users and the promotion of products or services. Must know the most important applications “social”, or applications created for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which could add further value to the profiles created.

Article Marketing

It is a fundamental part of Internet Marketing, which allows you to spread viral content by publishing articles in specialized directories that usually have good search engine indexing. There will also help to create an image of “expert” in a given field for the author of the articles. In this case you can hire a VA to write articles and publish them, or simply to modify, adapt and publish them. It requires knowledge of the main article directories, their standards of publication, and of course an excellent preparation and knowledge of SEO to create a quality article and that it is able to “sell”.

E-mail marketing

You must know the system, email marketing in general, and the operation of the main programs autoresponder (Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact, etc..), And be able to create a quality newsletter from the graphic point of view and content.

Affiliate Programs.

It is a great promotional tool for companies wishing to promote their product through the affiliate system. An assistant Virtual providing these services, will have to know how 1ShoppingCart software and networks such as ClickBank Affiliate.

Virtual Events

Webinar, teleseminar, courses, meetings, etc.. All these events can be made online today. Companies need to connect more with their audience, and in a way more personal. And ‘therefore very important that they are able to offer webinars and other events online, and to do that they need to organize virtual assistant work before and after the event, as well as support during the course of the event itself. The skills required are: knowledge of programs such as GoToWebinar and modalities to promote an event after its completion.

The mode of work has changed, the entire system “work” changed, especially for secretaries need to adapt to change, and indeed suggest, try to stay one step ahead.

Source by Steve Arun