VIRB 360: Stabilization and G-Metrix Test

VIRB 360 full review:

I took my Garmin VIRB 360 on a small bike tour around Hyde Park. I did so to test the functionality of the many sensors the camera has and to see how the Augmented data overlay works.

I must say that I’m extremely impressed at how the camera effortlessly collects this data and displays it so attractively on the video. Th effects took less than a few seconds on the free VIRB editing software to achieve and required no set up on the camera.

I’d say this is the VIRB 360’s best feature and it absolutely great for people who drive, cycle, climb, hike etc. The VIRB can detect and simply way more data than I showed on this video and using a huge variety of visual effects, so this is just a small taste of that it can achieve.

Another point, even though some of this video is quite bumpy and he vibrations obvious, the stabilization software has done an amazing job of smoothing out the video. When I shot this video I genuinely thought it would all be unusable because it was so bumpy and the camera was moving so much