Valve’s Survey Finds Most Won’t Change Current PC for Room Scale VR

    Last week saw SteamVR creator Valve host a new survey asking about its Room Scale VR user-tracking. This unique new system allows those using the company’s HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), made in partnership with the Taiwanese phone manufacturer, to be tracked in an area of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and have their real world movements replicated within a given experience. As such, the survey asked after the type of space people would commit to Room Scale VR in their own homes, and the type of PC they would need to run it. Now the results of that survey have returned.

    The results page reveals that a total of 2,008 people took part in the survey. It’s important to note that this will mostly be from a body of enthusiast gamers and VR fans given that the link was primarily shared through Steam itself. Perhaps the most interest result was that 862 of these people said that they would be sticking with their current computer to run a VR HMD, with another 683 saying they would use their current computer with some hardware upgrades. Combined, that’s 76.94 percent of people saying they’d use their current setup. Meanwhile, 393 people said they would purchase a new computer, while the final 70 were undecided.

    Elsewhere it was revealed that the majority of these PCs are located in bedrooms and the vast majority have decided that they won’t be moving their rigs from their current locations once they have a VR HMD. It was also found that, on average, people will allow for a 2.59m x 2.77m space for their Room Scale set up, which is around half of the space that the kit can track across. Most (1,117 people) will also have their computer’s traditional display located inside that tracking space, though 649 say it will be located outside of that.

    VRFocus will continue to follow the HTC Vive and its Room Scale solution closely, reporting back with any further updates.


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