[Tricky B.T.S] Long Exposure with Short Exposure Settings , B.T.S with QooCam 8K and THETA Z1

To Capture very interesting long exposure 360 panorama with any one of your 360 camera even if you are lack of long exposure settings. Don’t forget to make composition with your cameras!

Time Code
00:37 Shooting background explaination
01:22 Exposure Settings with QooCam 8K
02:13 My setup , Viewpoint and Orientation
03:02 Live Preview with QooCam 8K shooting
04:23 Live Preview with THETA Z1
06:26 Post Process explaination , composite long expsoure with QooCam 8K
09:03 Workflow with THETA Z1
08:46 Final Result
09:18 Wrap Up and Future Plan of my Channel