Tour De Yorkshire – Stage 1 – Doncaster to Selby (182.5km) (Insta 360 One X)

Tour De Yorkshire – Stage 1 – Doncaster to Selby (182.5km)
10.2gb 1080p HD (shot at 5.7k/30)
Thurs 2nd May 2019
09:48 clip

This is my first video using my new Insta 360 One X camera having jumped ship from the traditional fixed POV GoPro cameras.

I wasn’t sure what kind of quality I would get and I am blown away with it! It’s tack sharp in every direction and you get to direct your own movie and see things from angles you couldn’t even in real life, unless you had eyes in the back of your head! Quality is perhaps 20% lower on YouTube after compression than the file I exported but it is more than good enough.

Love it! 🙂

I went with me bro again this year and it was just as eventful as last year.

Nearly had a fist fight with a taxi driver in a silver Zafira who failed to indicate where he was going. As I started to cross the road he then decided at last minute to bank at speed round the corner just missing me. Had he been indicating I wouldn’t have tried to cross.

I called him out, he stopped, wound window down, I strutted after him and he shot off lol proper coward, giving it all that and then running off, he came so close to tasting some Mansfield fist!

Maybe see you next year, with any luck!

Really great day despite it chucking it down in the end, although not as good as last year for bike access, but overall we still really enjoyed it.

Almost fights in the crowd with fracking protesters vs public over the new Ineos team. How Team Sky last year could be all pro-saving the Earth and oceans and even have a dolphin on their team kit, and this year they seem to forget all that and going with the promotion of polluting the oceans and destroying the Earth, well I guess money can buy morals after all, although it wouldn’t buy mine!

I’ve put 24hrs of production time over 2 days into this one 9 minute clip and felt enough was enough. I still never got to do any transitions or text or funny stuff which will come in later videos.

Pleased to get this video made, will be great to look back on. As for my next video, it has to be a 360 bike ride.

Couple of points of interest:

1:04 – Couple of ‘spice’ girls eyeing up my camera. Er, not wise fellas lol trust me, you don’t wanna go there.
2:06 – Hmm.. I’m sure there was a couple of things interesting at this point 😉
2:39 – Nice truck!
3:28 – Couple of fly honeyz
3:40 – Stunning Canyon
4:24 – Stunning lady
6:08 – Beautiful lady (Kate Beckinsale look-a-like) (call me lol)
6:23 – GoPro killer ability. Welcome, to the future
6:45 – Ineos protestors

Until next year Doncaster lol always eventful each time we go 🙂