This Sneaky Ode to Compositing Has a Lot More CG Elements Than You Think

Visual effects artist Roy Perker is tired of people saying that VFX and digital compositing “looks fake.” So he created this fun little video to show off his own compositing skill, and educate people on what it takes to seamlessly blend real footage and computer generated imagery on screen.

The video is called VFX Games, and while it might seem, at first, like a short educational video, there’s a lot more in this creation than meets the eye.

While he’s explaining the art of compositing to you, Perker and some of his very skilled friends composite, paint out, and otherwise alter the footage with a bunch of digital elements, daring you to notice what’s real and what’s been added in post-production. As photographers, we should understand better than most what it takes to blend captured and created elements into a seamless whole… so… what about you?

Can you tell what’s real in the video above, and what’s been added in after the fact?

(via DIYP)

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