This Laowa Adapter Magnifies Full Frame Lenses for Fuji Medium Format

If you’re intrigued by the medium format Fuji GFX 50s, but don’t like the idea of throwing away all of your full-frame glass once you buy it, Laowa has a solution for you. It’s called the “Magic Format Converter,” and it will magnify your Nikon and Canon full-frame lenses to fit a Fuji GFX.

The MFC is, by all accounts, a ‘world’s first.’ While other adapters simply attach a Canon or Nikon lens to your new GFX, leading to vignetting, this converter uses its own internal optics to magnify to image circle so that it fits over the larger GFX sensor.

At its core, it’s simply a 1.4x teleconverter with a full-frame mount on one end and Fuji GFX mount on the other. But since the GFX itself has a 0.79x crop factor, you recover most of the focal length you would normally “lose” by magnifying a lens on its own format.

The conversion isn’t perfect, but you get very little magnification in the end. Using the Magic Format Converter, for instance, a 12mm f/2.8 lens with a 122° angle of view becomes a 13.4mm equivalent f/4 lens with a 116.3° angle of view.

As you can see from these sample photos shot with Laowa’s own 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens and 105mm f/2 STF lens on both a Canon 6D (top) and a Fuji GFX (bottom), the difference in frame is actually minor.

You can learn more about the converter and even check out some RAW sample files on the Laowa website.

The MFC is going to be available in two flavors–Canon EF to Fujifilm G and Nikon AI to Fujifilm G—and ship date is scheduled for July. No word yet on how much the converter will cost.

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