The VR Job Hub: Oculus, Sony & nDreams

    Whether you’re an experienced designer, programmer, engineer, or maybe you’ve just been inspired after reading VRFocus articles – either way, you have stumbled across VRFocus’ job hub. The jobs listed here are located worldwide, from major game players to humble indie developers – the one thing they all have in common is that they are all jobs in VR.

    Featured on this week’s list are: Sony Computer Entertainment’s Soho based PlayStation studio, London Studio, is seeking a talented Senior Technical Artist; based in Farnborough, nDreams is looking for a Marketing Assistant to become the team’s game expert; Sunderland’s local developers Coatsink, creators of beautiful cross-platform puzzlers, are looking for multiple junior to senior Programmers; and Oculus Medium are looking for an experienced Network Engineer and a creative Producer to join their small Californian team.

    View the listing below for more information:





    London, UK


    Senior Technical Artist

    Farnborough, UK


    Marketing Assistant

    Sunderland, UK


    Programmer (multiple)

    San Francisco, CA

    Oculus Medium


    San Francisco, CA

    Oculus Medium

    Network Engineer


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