The U.S. Supreme Court is Looking for a Photographer

Missed the chance to be “the next Ansel Adams” with the National Park Service? There’s now another interesting job opening for photographers looking to shoot in a government position: the Supreme Court of the United States is currently looking for a photographer.

The job listing at states that there’s 1 vacancy for the position, a full-time opportunity based in Washington DC. All US citizens can apply, and the job has an annual salary range of $54,972 to $86,460 (less than the $99,296 maximum offered to the next Ansel Adams).

In addition to being a citizen, you’ll need (1) either a bachelor’s degree in photography or 4 years experience, (2) the ability to shoot with Nikon and Hasselblad digital cameras, (3) artificial lighting knowledge, (4) skills in working with people that range from “visiting dignitaries” to the general public.

Responsibilities of the job include documenting “the continuing history of the Supreme Court as an institution as well as the people who work at the Court, the architecture of the Supreme Court Building, and the historic objects and artwork in the Court’s Collection.”

“The Photographer must be a well-trained professional who can use technical proficiency and artistry to produce original images that meet a variety of needs,” the listing says. Here’s the full listing:

Interested in becoming the official photographer of the U.S. Supreme Court? You can until Monday, March 27th, 2017, to apply here.

Image credits: Header illustration based on photo by Phil Roeder

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