The Solus Project Dev Releases Episode 2

    Last month developers Grip Digital and Teotl Studios launched their sci-fi adventure videogame The Solus Project on Steam’s Early Access. The initial release saw access to the first three levels of the title, amounting to approximately 1-2 hours worth of game time. Now the studios have release the second episode for gamers to play, as well as a new trailer.

    This next instalment should give players an estimated 3-5 hours of additional gameplay, with a new island and the biggest cave system yet, to explore. The new areas will have new mysteries to uncover along with new items to help your survival, including sleeping gear and crowbars. One of the most dangerous aspects of The Solus Project is the weather, and this update includes new lightning storms but also the ability to harness the skies.

    The trailer goes for a more comedic slant than seen before starting as a sort of infomercial, selling the planet the players character has been stranded on as an idylic place. It then twists to gameplay footage with the character talking to himself about what’s going on and unsure if he’s seeing things.

    Virtual reality (VR) support is listed but its currently experimental, with the team testing on an Oculus Rift DK2. The consumer versions of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be supported, but the developer does note that “VR support might not mature entirely and might remain experimental.”

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of The Solus Project, reporting back on any further updates.


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