The Insta360 OneX sparks creativity.

The Insta360 One X has an amazingly sleek design. You have two buttons that can easily control your modes and a nice screen so you can see what your settings are. I like this feature because you don’t have to go into your mobile device to ensure you are in the correct settings.

It comes with a neoprene case which is a necessity to keep your lenses from getting scratched or damaged while not in use.

I also have been using the Bullet Time selfie stick which is also an extremely fun took to use and it’s built very well.

I have one battery and I do wish it lasted a little longer, but you can always get an additional battery and you do have the ability charge it in camera or even use an external power source. However, using an external power source while recording could be very cumbersome and distract from the invisible selfie stick.

The audio quality is poor, but that’s to be expected with a camera this size. I would consider it useable in some situations but an external audio device is likely going to be a necessity.

It has great Flowstate Stability so you can achieve nice smooth video.

The 5.7K capture has excellent quality and can even be integrated with other mirrorless cameras to add a new creative viewpoint to your videos.

Other features include Timelapse, TimeShift and an 18 megapixel DNG photo capture including up to 4 stops of HDR, allowing for pretty incredible images. In my experience with the camera I found the 2EV HDR to work best.

The thing I like most about this camera is that you don’t need to think about it. It allows you to be in the moment and go back to tell your story later.

I am relatively new to the world of 360 photo and video I did have the opportunity to use the Insta360 One and this new version is a giant leap forward.

You can tell that the Insta360 company listened and learned from their users to develop a system that simply works.

I have not had this much fun with a camera in a long time. It made me think differently and reevaluate how I would approach a scene. It sparked creativity and got me excited about trying new things.

If you have an

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