THE CUTLERS: 360 Aerial VIDEO from a DRONE (Mavic 2 Pro and Insta360 One X)

My first shakedown cruise to see how it handles the weight of the cam hanging below. My takeaways are: weight isn’t a problem. Stabilization is fine. The momentum and weight of the hanging cam does make the drone shake a lot when you come to a stop. Not really a problem as you choose to only include fluid shots. The bright sun is ALWAYS in the shot of a 360 cam. Adjusting exposure for the sun makes everything else too dark. Next time we’ll expect that and open up exposure. Maybe the best 360 video flights are shot on overcast days. I would like to see more resolution than the 5.7. I know that’s coming and by next year or the year after we’ll have 8 or 10 in this small form factor.

Flight location was Baiting Hollow on the north shore of Long Island.

Track is Let Me Fly by K. Sparks

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