The Best Monopod/Tripod for 360 Cameras

After much trial and error I think I’ve found the best monopod/tripod kit for 360 cameras. The Bushman Monopod Kit is especially designed to be used with consumer 360 cameras and I’ve been using their full kit for the past few months

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The full kit comes with an extendable monopod, two counter weights, a mini tripod and a magnetic base. All of these are made from super high quality materials. There’s also a slightly cheaper kit with less accessories.

I’ve found this set up to be the best overall kit when shooting with my 360 cameras, primarily because they are easily transportable and require very little editing to be completely removed.

There are very few monopods or tripods designed to work well with 360 cameras (the main consideration being that no parts on the monopod get in the way of the shot) and many are made of flimsy materials. I’ll be continuing to use the Bushman 360 monopod kits so check out my videos here and on Instagram.