Taking a Look at the Oculus Rift Early Access Title: Firma

    So this game took me by surprise a bit. I had played a demo of it a while back from Oculus Share and honestly wasn’t all that impressed with the game, but I’ve gotta say the Devs have really stepped it up! For an early access title this feels pretty polished. The graphics are crisp and clean and the flight feels good with the Xbox 360 controller. I really like the feeling of zooming across the planets surface since the game has a good sense of speed and spacecraft has great maneuverability. I can however see this becoming a bit repetitive over time, so I hope they add some story elements and many more levels in the game to keep it interesting. I want to thank Katrina over at Think Heavy Ltd. for sending this one my way. If you are looking for a fun diversion in your new Oculus Rift then check this one out.

    You can see more about this game here: http://firmagame.com/


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