Sweating it up while eating a ghost pepper burger – Lucidcam 3D VR 180 sample video

Watch me eat Hopdoddy’s ghost pepper burger “Love at First Sting” in 3D! This video was shot on Lucidcam in hemispherical 3D format (3D 180 / similar to VR180). To see it in 3D, tap the Google Cardboard icon and use a Google Cardboard headset or similar. For more info about LucidCam: http://360rumors.com/2017/08/eating-ghost-pepper-burger-lucidcam-3d-vr180-sample-video-first-impressions.html

About the burger: It has bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), habanero peppers, Trinidad scorpion Butch T peppers and serrano peppers. It also has ghost pepper cheese and ghost pepper salsa rojo.