Stop Motion Trick with a moving camera: How to shoot and edit a Magic Car Remote scene | Gaba_VR

In this video I show you how to make a stop motion trick with a moving camera, using a 360 camera. I shoot and edit a “magic car remote scene”, where a car appears after a single click with the remote and I drive away. Check out this stop motion technique, and for further 360 contents and tutorials, subscribe to my channel here:

The base of the effect is quite a classic scene, but shooting with a 360 camera, we can bring it to the next level.

In this tutorial I show you all the shooting and editing process step by step, recording behind the scenes with a multi-camera setup. And of course, I share all the tricks you need to know during recreating this effect both during shooting and post-production.


Created by Gaba VR (Gabor Szidor N.)
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