Testing the Insta360°OneX consumer camera and software at the Steam Museum Swindon. I walked around the museum continually shooting in 360°, 5.6 k at 25fps till battery was flat – 42mins! I knew the museum well as I had shot one of their official videos many years ago for Swindon Council.
All settings were manual using the phone app. I wanted to see how capable this camera was handling low light and six axis stabilisation etc. Shooting in 360° as fast as possible not worrying too much about composing shots at this stage.
All shots were then created virtually with the desktop app ‘Insta360 Studio 2019’ using ‘free capture’ reducing the 360° 5.6k footage to anamorphic HD. Finished In FCPX with very little grading.
This process could be very interesting for my next drama production. The Insta360°OneX is a great fun camera. Good manual settings and great in camera stabilisation. It has 5.6K resolution (over two sensors).
It can’t really be used as a ‘professional camera’ though – low light noise is a problem and the H.264 codec and resolution lets it down. If only it had Prores and a bigger sensor ! It’s an amazing camera for the price of around £400 and capable of good quality video in the right lighting conditions.
Music is bonkers – I wanted to create the cacophony of sounds at the GWR Swindon Loco Works in it’s heyday and the romance and beauty of the Great Western Railway.