Sony: PlayStation VR Display is ‘really cutting edge’

    Screens are a vital component of the virtual reality (VR) experience. Factors such as resolution and refresh rate have a direct impact on how you see the world around you when immersing yourself in a VR environment, meaning both need to reach a high bar in order to be convincing. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is confident that the 1080p OLED display it uses in its PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) is up to scratch when stacked up next to its PC-based rivals, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In fact, SCE recently explained why its display is ‘really cutting edge’.

    Richard Marks, Director of PlayStation’s Magic Lab, talked about just that in a recent interview with Game Informer: “And in addition, the display we chose is 120Hz True HD OLED and each pixel of True HD has R, G, and B subpixels, so if you count the number of subpixels, our True HD has more resolution, more subpixels, than higher resolution than what you can see on a smartphone,” he said. “We are adopting the really cutting edge display technology for PS VR and integrating it really, really tightly with PS4. That’s how we are ensuring the great experience coming from PS VR from day one and as time goes by, the PS4 hardware doesn’t change, but because the console allows game developers to really go deep to extract more performance out of.”

    Will this be enough to keep PlayStation VR as a viable HMD in the long term? Oculus VR is planning to iterate on the Oculus Rift frequently, improving areas with as the display and prices come down and upgrades become available. With this in mind, it’s possible that SCE’s device started to look outdated within a few years’ time, but the company remains insistent that it won’t need to release a new version. Perhaps a new edition of PlayStation VR could come about with the launch of a new PlayStation later down the line?

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