Sony-Owned SoftKinetic to Debut Latest Depth Sensing Tech at CES 2016

    Last year saw Sony purchase SoftKinetic, a 3D vision and gesture recognition technologies company working in virtual reality (VR). It’s thought that the new subsidiary is helping work on Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR. Its contributions to the tech have not yet been revealed, but SoftKinetic will be showcasing its latest advancements in depth sensing tech at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later this week.

    This includes multi-user VR experiences, though it’s not confirmed exactly which HMD these could be shown on. There are also augmented reality (AR) apps to demonstrate how its work can help the automotive technology. In terms of new content, the company will have VR solutions for ‘highly collaborative B2B environments’.

    “Both the AR/VR and automotive markets have seen impressive technological improvements over the last year and they are poised to experience significant changes as hardware finally catches up and we are able to realize the full benefits of 3D vision technology,” said Eric Krzeslo, CMO and co-founder of SoftKinetic. “SoftKinetic, together with other divisions at Sony, are committed to leading the charge to bring the most sophisticated user experience to these markets.”

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