Sony: No Man’s Sky as a PlayStation VR Launch Title is an ‘Interesting’ Assumption

    One of the hottest rumours in the virtual reality (VR) industry right now is that Hello Games’ hugely anticipated PC and PlayStation 4 title, No Man’s Sky, is coming to VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). Support for the PlayStation VR HMD on PlayStation 4 in particular has been called into question as Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) is providing lots of support for the title. According to the company, it’s an ‘interesting’ assumption that No Man’s Sky might be a launch title for PlayStation VR.

    SCE Europe President and CEO suggested as much in a recent Paris Games Week interview with Eurogamer. Talking about No Man’s Sky‘s newly-announced June 2016 launch window, the site noted that it could sit alongside the launch of the device itself. To this, Ryan simply replied: “Well, your assumption is an interesting one.” When pushed for further comment, Ryan remained tight-lipped, stating: “You’re not going to get anywhere with that one I’m afraid.

    Hello Games’ Sean Murray recently gave similar answers to the idea of VR support, simply stating that he wasn’t sure what he could mention. The idea that anyone from either SCE or Hello Games is dodging these questions gives weight to theories that No Man’s Sky might support VR. The June 2016 window also fits in right at the end of PlayStation VR’s own H1 2016 release timeframe, though no doubt many fans are hoping that it will release a little earlier than that.

    No Man’s Sky is a first-person experience in which players explore a universe filled with procedurally-generated planets. Each player starts off on their own world and takes flight in a space ship, trying to gather parts in order to journey to the centre of the universe.

    VRFocus will continue to follow No Man’s Sky closely, reporting back with any further VR-related updates on the title.


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