Some Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Being Moved Forward After Fake Orders ‘Weeded Out’

    Unsurprisingly, the launch of the pre-order campaign for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) hasn’t been without faults. When the launch countdown ended today at 08:00 PST many customers were met with a blank page before everything finally corrected itself. Things seem to be going smoothly now, however, even if some people weren’t fast enough to secure one of the first units to arrive in March 2016. If you did pre-order later, however, Oculus VR has just revealed that it’s worth checking your expected shipping date again.

    Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey has confirmed that some pre-orders will be moving forward as the company is ‘weeding out’ the ‘fraudulent’ orders. “Apologies to the handful of people with order issues – the vast majority are going through fine, supporting the cracks as best we can,” Luckey noted on Twitter earlier today, later adding: “Some people may see their ship date move forward as fraudulent orders in queue are weeded out. Hang tight.” It could be, then, that some of the people now expecting their Oculus Rift in either April or May have their delivery dates brought forward.

    The Oculus Rift is retailing for $599 USD, which includes the kit, an Xbox One controller, an Oculus Remote for easy navigation through some experiences, and two free VR videogames in the form of CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie and Playful’s Lucky’s Tale. Next month will see Oculus VR launch a new pre-order campaign for Oculus Ready PCs, a set of rigs that are guaranteed to meet the recommended specifications for actually running the device. Following all of this, pre-orders for the Oculus Touch position-tracked controllers will launch ahead of their arrival in H2 2016.

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