Smash Stax

    Topple. Sling. Dismantle. Create. And More! Boom Blox was one of the top-rated, most innovative games for the Nintendo Wii. Back in 2008, we even experimented with VR.

    This demo is inspired by the Boom Blox franchise (which I previously worked on as the lead UI engineer), serving as an early tech demo/experiment, intended primarily to gather feedback on how the mechanics feel and the overall VR experience. This demo provides a collection of levels across several game modes such as toppling structures, slinging pucks, and dismantling towers – for the sake of destruction.

    Please note: The levels are not commercial quality, there are bugs, and there is room for more polish and features. This is NOT intended to demonstrate a finished commercial product.


    • Mouse to aim, shoot, sling, grab (wish I had peripherals)
    • ‘R’ to re-center the camera view
    • ‘escape’ to quit

    Smash Stax
    Smash Stax
    Smash Stax

    Developer    Sean Rosenbaum
    Publisher    Sean Rosenbaum
    Tech Demo
    Supported Rift Versions
    Supported Controllers
    Keyboard, Mouse
    Game Modes

    Smash Stax


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