Small Wins: Insta360’s new camera launches on August 28!

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Small Wins: Insta360’s new camera

Insta360 is launching a new camera on August 28!  What features will it have?  How will it impact your photos and videos?  First, here’s the teaser trailer video.

The trailer video shows that the new camera will be very small, light (“6X lighter than an action cam”), and will have excellent stabilization.

I actually saw the camera at CES 2019, when it was revealed confidentially to select journalists.  I thought it was a cool concept and I’m glad it’s finally being released.  I’ve been testing it under NDA and will post a review on August 28.  In the meantime, here’s why it could be very useful.

Why does size matter?

This camera is of course not the first small action cam.  The GoPro Hero Session was designed as a compact alternative to the GoPro Hero line of cameras.  With its small size, the Hero Session has been used to capture unique perspectives, such as from below a skateboard.  However, this new Insta360 camera is even smaller — small enough to be covered by a thumb. It opens even more opportunities for amazing new shooting perspectives.

Flowstate stabilization

Besides its small size, its other feature is FlowState stabilization.  The teaser video shows that, like other Insta360 cameras such as the popular One X, it is much more stable than a typical action cam.

Small Wins

You can win Insta360’s new camera by guessing the weight here.  Three winners will be randomly selected from the correct answers.  The teaser video already gives a hint that it is 6X lighter than an action cam, so that should give you a good starting point.

What do you think about the concept and what kinds of shots do you want to shoot with it? Let me know in the comments below!  Don’t miss my review on August 28!

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