Slow Motion ‘Bullet Time’ Shot with the Ultra-High Speed Chronos Camera

Remember that camera we found on YouTube a few months back? The same one that just smashed its Kickstarter goal? Yeah… it’s awesome. And this demo by Applied Sciences shows you one reason why: pseudo bullet time.

Ben Krasnow, the guy behind the Applied Science YouTube channel, is one of the first to get his hands on Chronos—an ultra-high speed camera with capabilities, a feature set, and a price tag that is blowing people’s minds.

But instead of slapping the camera on a tripod and filming something cool (the Slow Mo Guys kind of have that down…) he did something different. He built a ‘bullet time’ rig that will spin the wireless high speed camera in a circle while it’s shooting footage. That way, you can capture ultra-slow-motion shots of something while the camera is moving around it, faking the camera effect that usually requires tens of cameras wired together.

Here’s some of what Applied Sciences was able to capture using this rig:

Each of these shots (and the rest of them too) look much cooler in full resolution and in their entirety, so we definitely recommend you check out the full video. As a bonus, Krasnow gives you a great overview of the camera’s features and even shows you how he built and operates the spinning rig.

You can see it all up top. And if you want to learn more about the Chronos camera or pick it up for yourself, click here.

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