See Some of the Most Incredible and Rare Nikon Gear in the World Up Close

One of the most amazing camera shops in all of the world is London’s Grays of Westminster. The place is absolutely iconic—it has its own coat of arms for crying out loud! It also houses one of the most incredible collections of rare Nikon gear in the world. Now you get to see it up close.

On a recent trip to London, photographer Matt Granger popped in to see the store and somehow managed to turn his impromptu video into a 35 minute tour during which he got to hold some of the rarest Nikon gear in existence, meet founder Gray Levett himself, and just generally geek out.

This trip was totally unscheduled, which makes it all the more incredible that the Grays staff broke out all of this incredible gear for him to look at, try out, and touch.





If you love old camera gear—whether or not you’re a Nikon guy—this tour and his conversation with Levett will transport you to photo nerd heaven… if only for a moment. Check out the full tour up top and let us know which bit of gear shown is your personal favorite in the comments.

(via Nikon Rumors)

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