See How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes in House of Alice

    Arriving for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) today is an adventure title called House of Alice by an indie developer called Cuddles and Snowflake.

    Set in a photo realistic home, in House of Alice players teleport around to explore the various rooms and interact with the objects they find in there. But as they wander around they’ll start to find rabbits hidden about, and its these that need to be collected to complete the videogame.

    But it’s not just a case of finding a bunny sat on a bed or under a table, just like in Alice in Wonderland size means everything. Locate a ‘Geo Object’ to shrink down and find the rabbits can be tiny and hidden away. There are 20 to find within House of Alice and they could be anywhere.

    Cuddles and Snowflake haven’t just included a teleport mechanic into the videogame, players will also be able to run around if they want to by using the track pad on the controllers when tiny.

    House of Alice may have launched on Steam Early Access but the studio has stated the title is essentially complete. Through early access they want the Steam communities feedback and thoughts on what updates and adjustments to make prior to fully launching in September 2016.

    The next update will look at viewpoints and scale the studio has said: “The next iteration will continue to play with perspective, how things feel when you’re large, small, rightside up and upside down. And we’ll play more with different forms of movement in virtual reality.

    It’s currently being sold for £6.99 GBP, but that price is likely to change as the developer notes: “We plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features. The market may change during iterations and affect the final release price.”

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of VR releases on Steam, reporting back with any new additions.

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