Samsung Announces a New Gear VR For Galaxy Note 7

    Today it has been announced that Samsung will be releasing a brand new Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), it is isn’t too far from the rumours and leaks that have been floating around this past week. This new HMD, it must be noted, isn’t just an addition, but a piece of kit that will replace the first consumer Gear VR.

    There are a few features to list that differ from the previous consumer Gear VR HMD, but not too many. The main points are that it is 5 degrees wider in its field of view (FOV), going from 96 to 101 – this isn’t too different from the rumoured 110 degrees FOV. There are now two buttons, one just for returning back to the Oculus Home section and another to navigate from within apps, so there isn’t much manipulation needed with just one button.


    This Gear VR isn’t just for the Galaxy Note 7, however, as it has a compatible connection with both the USB Type-C and MicroUSB, and so users can put on a connector module for their phone to fit to this new HMD. Aesthetically, the Gear VR has changed to a navy blue from a striking black, and there is also a thicker padding and longer straps for a better fit for all consumers.

    This new Gear VR will be available in the US from 19th August, with pre-orders starting tomorrow on 3rd August through “select channels”, and it will still maintain the original pricetag of $99 (USD). VRFocus will make sure to update with any new information that comes in, and more info will be coming on the exact specifications of the Gear VR as well as the Note 7.

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