Rylo Stabilization is Unreal: Before and after comparisons

Rylo Available Here: http://amzn.to/2np1Gbe

The company behind the Rylo camera boasted that the software stabilization in their camera is among the best in the business. I’ve been testing that particular feature heavily and I have to say, I think I agree!

For each clip shown in this video I created a stabilized and non stabilized version, then put them side by side to see the difference. These videos have come straight from the camera so no other software has been used to smooth out the video.

Pretty impressive right? I tested other cameras at the same time and they could not handle the bumpiness of cycling over gravel, but the Rylo comes out with very smooth video.

If you are looking fora 360 camera with the best stabilization software, then this is the best I’ve used so far.