Ride over Minchinhampton Common plus I spy a Glider (poor sound quality sorry!)

The way I can move the POV of the 360 camera in post-production may cause motion sickness I suspect – I hope not!! I spin the camera around at approx:

10.43 (this is where I see the glider)

The main reason I move the camera around – and for buying a 360 camera in the first place – is because I’d like to be able to see the scenery and sights on my rides that I haven’t got time to appreciate while actually riding!

I’m afraid the sound quality again is shocking… I was testing an in-helmet mic but the wind noise made the audio unusable so I’m just left with the sound direct from the Insta360 One X. It will improve in future vids!

This video is using Flowstate satibilisation in the Insta360 Studio software I used to process the video. Unfortunately it makes the horizon move up/down or tilt and I accelerate or slow down. I’m trying to get away from using this option for future videos.

Bike: 2016 Suzuki Bandit 1250S
Cameras: Insta360 One X