Revival Productions Seeks Kickstarter Funding for 6-DOFShooter Overload

    The majority of gamers of a certain age should remember the original 6-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) shooter Descent by Parallax Software back in the 90’s. The original team that created the title are now back together under Revival Productions, to develop Overload as a sort of spiritual successor to Descent.

    Overload aims to take the classic 6-DOF gameplay then modernising it with current graphics and tech. The videogame will feature a 15 level single-player campaign with 12 upgradeable weapons, and 5 levels of difficulty. There will also be a multiplayer feature added, but it won’t be available at the expected launch date of March 2017, but several months later.

    This does all depend on how successful the Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign is. Revival Productions are aiming to raise $300,000 USD to fund Overload, with just over $95,000 accumulated so far. Reward tiers start from $5 USD rising up to $8000 USD which includes an invitation to the launch party and dinner with the team. $25 USD will get backers a digital edition of Overload for their selected platform, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    While the campaign page makes no mention of virtual reality (VR) support directly, in the FAQs at the bottom the developer does make mention of it. In response to VR support the description says: “We have prototype-level VR support functional already, and the game’s design is ideal for both non-VR and VR without compromising either version. However, going from a prototype to proper support is one of our (later) stretch goals. It’s a significant amount of work to make a fully detailed cockpit and pilot along with the additional UI, code, and controls tweaks necessary to make it a great VR experience.”

    So while there’s no guarantee that if the campaign is a success a VR version maybe made available, it’s certainly being looked at. In Revival Productions Kickstarter video when it gets to Luke Schneider, Lead Designer, an Oculus Rift headset can be seen in a shot next to some joysticks.

    VRFocus will continue to follow Overload, reporting back any further VR related updates.


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