reVision: Share Before and After Views of Your Photo Editing


reVision is a simple new web service that lets you share interactive before-and-after views of your photo edits with other people.

Created by Polish photographer and developer Łukasz Oślizło, the service is extremely minimalist in its design. The front page features two boxes into which you drop your before and after photos.


Once it has both images, the service overlays one on top of the other and provides a slider line that the viewer can use to switch between the shots. Each comparison page has a dedicated permalink that you can share with others.


There aren’t any other features as of yet, but Oślizło tells PetaPixel that an embedding feature for sharing comparisons outside of reVision is currently on his to-do list.

Image credits: Example comparison photo by Ps2613 and licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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