Rebellion Comments on PlayStation VR Launch Window

    Today’s announcement of PlayStation VR’s launch date and price at GDC has got developers letting out sighs of relief and PlayStation owners reaching for their wallets. Rebellion is one of those developers who has been anticipating this news with its arcade tanker reboot title, Battlezone, set as a PSVR exclusive for its launch.

    Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion, is looking forward to the prospect of Battlezone finally being released, and has shared his thoughts on the news of the release date: “As expected, VR is the dominant topic at this year’s GDC. Today’s much anticipated announcement of the launch date for PlayStation VR, should only help to ensure VR is on everyone’s wish-list this Christmas time.

    “With 40 million consoles being VR-ready, I expect this to take the technology mainstream, especially with the expected lower price point for the hardware. After working with Sony for some time with Battlezone VR, everyone’s very excited to hear consumers’ reaction to all our efforts.”

    The PSVR head-mounted display (HMD) will be released October 2016, and it will retail at £349.99 GBP with pre-orders still to be announced.

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