QooCam 8K RAW 360 Holy Grail Timelapse Complete Guide!! Best Quality 360 Timelapse In-Depth Tutorial

Step by Step In-Depth Tutorial on How to creat hightest quality 360 timelapse video from QooCam 8K.

In this video , I have shown you a Holy Grail Day to Night timelapse example.

00:57 Smooth Transition in LRTimelapse

02:09 Grading and LRTimelapse Deflicker

04:36 Export Image Sequence with Lr

05:08 Generate Single Fisheye Videos in Pr

06:01 Assembly unstitched video

06:38 Extract stitcher parameters from DNG

07:08 Stitch 8K video in QooCam Studio

08:29 Final Result with Reframe

08:49 Wrap Up

Useful download link
LRTimelapse https://lrtimelapse.com/
ffmpeg https://www.ffmpeg.org/
Video Combiner https://bit.ly/2U1UYGl
if you need to extract stitching parameters , please PM me with DNG sample on facebook