I’ve been using the QooCam 3 for the past few weeks to see what this next gen 360 camera can do. At just $349 the QooCam 3 looks like a great option considering the hardware, but can it compete with more expensive options?

Get the QooCam 3 here (thanks for the support): https://amzn.to/3PwLUoP

The QooCam 3 features larger sensors than other consumer 360 cameras as well as a low aperture of f/1.6. This should allow the camera to pikc up more light than other 360 cameras, something they have traditionally struggled with.

Kandao has also added new stabilization tech, a waterproof design, 4 microphones and a new suite of software.

In this review I test both the hardware and importantly, the software to see if the QoCam 3 can be used to create the kind of unique shots 360 cameras have become know for, and if the hardware advantages actually make any difference to the end result.



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