QooCam 3 & QooCam Ultra: Two New 360 Cameras for 2023

Kandao have announced that they are releasing two new 360 cameras in 2023, the QooCam 3 and QooCam Ultra.

See more info on these cameras here: https://www.threesixtycameras.com/qoocam-3-qoocam-ultra-announced-specs-features-release-date/

The QooCam 3 was announced in a press release coinsiding with the companies appearance at CES 2023. The QooCam 3 is a 360 action camera with the latest senor technology, it also bares a striing resemblance to GoPro’s Max 360 camera.

The QooCam Ultra is set to be a more advanced 360 camera with the ability to shoot 8K 360 video. Kandao did previous ly release an 8K 360 camera but it was beset with both hardware and software problems. Will they get it right a second time?

No information on release date or price for either camera yet, so subscribe if you want to keep track of these two new 360 cameras.

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