PlayStation VR will also be roomscale compatible!

    Did you expect the PSVR would be compatible with the roomscale?! We certainly didn’t expect it, but Sony´s VR headset can do it! Sony explains to  Polygon  that the choice will depend primarily developers:

    “It’s very important to clearly define the play space the player is going to be playing in … we want to make sure that your play area is kind of a sacred space, because you’re going to be flailing around, jumping, having fun,” Chris Norden, senior staff engineer at Sony said during the talk. “And the developer should have complete freedom to choose how they want to define the play space. So if you want to have a smaller area, if you want to be seated, if you want to be standing, if you want to have people move around that’s great.”

    Furthermore, we found out that there will be a warning when uses get to close to boundaries and that you can move around in an area that’s roughly 1.9 by 2.4 meters. That’s a lot smaller than the HTC Vive can do, but a lot closer to the space most living rooms offer.