Pilot Era Review 6 Months Later: Best Value Pro 360 Camera?

The Pilot Era has been out for around 6 months now. I’ve finally got around to testing this professional 8K 360 camera after waiting for some software updates which have redically improved the camera specs.

The Pilot Era comes with a full LCD screen, 4GB RAM and 512GB of memory. This sets it apart from other professional 360 cameras which require the use of desktop software to stitch the 360 video they shoot. The Pilot Era can process all its video internally and removes a big chunk or workflow.

The Pilot Era can shoot 8K 360 video at 24fps as well at 6K at 30fps and 4K at 60fps. It can shoot high resolution HDR photos as well at livestream over a wired or wiresless connection.

If you are interested in the Pilot Era as a cheaper option for shooting 8K 360 video then this review will show you the type of video you can get out of it.