In this video I try out the Pico 4 VR headset which is the first in the next generation of VR headsets, featuring a slimmer design and new lens technology.

Get the Pico 4 here:

The Pico 4 is a fully wireless VR headset featuring a 4K screen, pancake lenses, 8GB of RAM and a comfort focussed head strap.

This is the first time using the Pico 4 and in this video I give my first impressions. Is the headset comfortable enough to wear for long periods, are there enough games and experiences in the Pico Store and does it feel like a next gen VR experience?

I’ll be using the Pico 4 over the next few weeks and will be back for a full review. Let me know if you have any questions of want me to try anything specific!

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